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9th Grade – English Language Arts – Amelia Burns

Today’s Learning Target:
I can analyze author’s purpose in nonfiction texts. I can pick out the central idea in nonfiction texts.

Assignment Instructions:
For NTI Day 9, log onto Google Classroom and find the assignment labeled “NTI Day 9: 5 Reasons Why Being Kind Makes You Feel Good — According to Science.” Click the link and it will bring you to commonlit.org, where you will select “log in with google” and log in with your student gmail account. Then, read the passage and answer both the guided reading questions and the assessment questions.

Any websites that you will need to access:
classroom.google.com, commonlit.org

Any files that you will need to download:

Your teacher’s email address is: amelia.burns@knox.kyschools.us
Your teacher will be available during the following times: 12pm-3pm